SXSW 2023 | Brief Recap

March 20, 2023 – Fun Stuff

@SXSW what a wild ride. We came. We saw (and did) a ton. And empowered by what we learned, we will conquer. ✨

A few words from our crew:

Catina, Art Director: #SXSW2023 absolutely blew me away. I left feeling so inspired by the whirlwind of sensational speakers, talented musicians, and creators of all kinds. I got to immerse myself inside of fungi networks using AR, learned about how we are using technology to enhance our planet and communities, and even listened to @plantwave turn the biorhythms of plants into music!

Paul, Senior Copywriter: Finding yourself seated in a room with some of the brightest folks in the industry is both humbling and inspiring. It felt like I was watching the future of tech unfold in real-time. Loved seeing so many creatives focused on building a more sustainable, more inclusive world.

See you next year, Austin.

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