Procreate 101 with Sarah Avery, Senior Designer

April 12, 2023 – How-Tos

Thinking about flexing a new artistic muscle? 💪 #Procreate is a fave tool around here to bring your sketches to life, digitally! Check out these tips from one of our designers, Sarah Avery:

1. Color Drop 🖍️
Is your initial color not vibing with the color scheme of the art you’re making? No prob. Pick the color circle in the top right, and drag and drop into your image to change the color. (Bonus: hit the Continue Filling button to quickly tap the sections in your piece that you want to update, no drag and drop needed!)

2. Gaussian Blur
Creates shadows and depth in your images with a quick click. Select the Gaussian Blur section in the adjustments drop down, hold down your pencil to your art and glide left to right on the screen to change the blur intensity.

3. Photo to Color Palette 🎨
If you’re hitting a creative block and don’t know what colors to use for your next drawing, this is the tool for you. Pulling directly from your own images, or pictures from the internet is a great way to get a unique palette to work from! Go to your Color Palette panel, and press the + button, tap on New from photos and select the image you want!

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